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Meet Tanya- Only Perfection

Tanya Bahtina beat unimaginable odds to become a model and a social media influencer. Here is how she changed her life story.

Date Of Birth
4 July 1998

Birth Place
Moscow, Russia

Best Known For
Tanya is famous for her pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Who Is Tanya Bahtina Dating?
After parting ways with Vladislav Tarasovich, it’s not clear if Tanya is seeing anyone at the moment.

Tanya Bahtina Boyfriends/Girlfriends

In the past, she dated Vladislav Tarasovich, a model.

Tanya Bahtina Instagram
The first photo on Tanya’s Instagram account is from February 16, 2019. Her posts get an average of about 12k likes each, and they mainly show off her glamorous lifestyle.

About Tanya Bahtina
Before she got into modeling, Tanya did not have the body she dreamed of having. While in high school, she was the target of bullies who mocked her because she had a “big body.”

The experience made her feel alone and left out. She realized that her eating habits were the reason she had body image issues.

Over time, she worked on bettering her physique and was finally able to pursue modeling. Today, she is incredibly proud of her trim figure, which also helped launch her successful modeling career.

Since she took up modeling in 2018, Tanya has managed to turn into a published model and a brand ambassador. Tanya has also been on several fitness shows in the United States.


Tanya has one sister and is the third born in their family. Her mother is called Anita, while her father is Vladimir.


During the 2019 NPPC Models competition, she emerged first.

She also regularly works with other models, such as Alberta Jessica.

Tanya’s hobbies include traveling, and she has been to many places around the world while pursuing her modeling career.

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