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Nataly Has Arrived Right on Time

Natali is an Instagram model with many exciting passions, including personal training. Besides modeling, she is also an activist and an animal lover.

Date Of Birth
21 January 1990

Best Known For
Natali is famous for the beautiful and bold pictures she posts on her Instagram account. Her daring photos went viral and turned her into an Instagram sensation.

Who Is Natali Gyubner Dating?
She posted a photo of another woman on her Instagram page. Her partner’s identity, however, is not clear.

Natali Gyubner Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Natali is dating a lady, and she can often be seen in her photos, sometimes in matching outfits.

Natali Gyubner Instagram
Natali first posted on Instagram on March 14, 2013. She posted a picture of a meal.

She gets about 3k likes on her posts, which cover all aspects of her life.

About Natali Gyubner
Natali started modeling several years ago, but she is also a certified trainer, although she claims to be retired from that career on her Instagram profile.

Her profile is full of pictures that show her touring various places worldwide, including exotic locations like Dubai.

She has a passion for helping the oppressed, and she likes to stay motivated in whatever she does.

She shared a photo of her sister’s wedding on her Instagram account. Not much else is known about the rest of her family.

Interesting Facts
Natai regularly works out in the gym to maintain her trim figure, and she has shared pictures and videos of her gym sessions on her account.

Natali is an animal lover, especially cats. Her profile is full of these furry pets.

The Instagram model also loves food, and she often posts dishes she enjoys on social media.

She is also passionate about activism, and she can be seen in protests in some of her posts.

She also promotes the assistance of homeless animals, especially in her home area of Kazan.


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