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Enjoying Mother Nature With Helen

Helen Flanagan, amidst a flurry of fan admiration, turned to social media to showcase her figure in an eye-catching leopard print dress.

At 33, Helen recently dazzled at a high-profile sports event in her form-fitting dress, capturing attention on the red carpet. Following the event, she took to Instagram to give her followers a more comprehensive look at her striking figure.

Accentuating her features, Helen’s makeup was flawlessly applied, highlighting her blue eyes. Her blonde hair fell in soft curls over her shoulders, adding to her glamorous appearance.

Alongside her photos, Helen simply captioned: “Get some stories for when your a granny.”

However, as the mother-of-three has often faced criticism for her bold photos, her fans rallied to support her with encouraging messages in the comment section.

One fan shares: “Who’d have thought a bit of old fashioned glamour model work would get up people’s nose so much so petty! You look divine beautiful lady – you do you. Your kids will always be proud of their stunning mummy. Living your life and making your own choices is the best role model anyone can be.

Someone else expressed: “You look absolutely beautiful, and you’re still shining when these dried up Debbie’s are throwing shade. Keep at it girl. Your glow is paying your bills”

A third shared: “You know what… if you were my daughter I’d be so damn proud of you. You look stunning and like you are having fun. You go girl!”

A final added: “I’ll never understand some of the negative comments on here – why do women (yes women) feel a need to tear each other down? Helen’s posts are not hurting anyone, they’re empowering women to feel body confident. No worse than walking along a beach!”

Helen has faced challenges on social media, with trolls frequently criticizing her posts. Despite this, Helen, a mother of three with her former fiancé Scott Sinclair, remains undeterred, confidently sharing her beautiful figure with her fans.


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