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Let’s Waste Some Time With Anna

Anna Sedokova is an actress, singer, and television presenter who has stood out for her looks and many talents. Below are a few things you should know about her.

Why Is Anna Sedokova Famous?
Anna became famous after joining the musical group “VIA Gra” as its third member. They became one of the most popular groups in Ukraine and Russia.

She found more fame as a solo artist after she left the group. Her television roles also turned her into a big celebrity in the region.

She has also had some successful acting roles. For instance, she appeared in The Tunguska Meteorite and The Power of Attraction.

Date Of Birth
16 December 1982

Birth Place
Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union

Her parents divorced when she was young. The conflict between her parents meant they had to move.

She has a brother named Maxim, and they were raised by their mother after she parted ways with their dad. At some point, she moved in with her grandmother in Tomsk, and her father stayed with her for a while before she eventually moved in with her mother for several years.

She loves traveling, dancing, and singing.

Who Is Anna Sedokova Dating?
Anna is married to Janis Timma. They have been husband and wife since 2020.

Anna Sedokova Dating History
She was married to Valyantsin Byalkevich from 2004 to 2006. She gave birth to their daughter a few months after marrying the Belarusian footballer. They later divorced over his cheating.

She later married Maxim Chemyavsky from 2011 to 2013, when they got divorced. They got a girl together.

After her second divorce, she got into a long-term relationship with Sergei Guman. The on-and-off relationship eventually came to an end in 2016 due to their busy schedules.

She was also in a relationship with Artyom Komarov from 2016 to 2017. They had Anna’s third child, a boy named Hector.

Anna Sedokova Social Media
Anna is active on Instagram and Twitter. On her Instagram page, she loves to post photos and reels that show off her glamorous life as a celebrity model and television host. Her posts get about 70k likes.

About Anna Sedokova
She developed an interest in music and dance when she was still a child. Early in her career, she struggled to make money after seeing how much her mother was struggling to provide for the family.

Anna started hosting television shows when she was 17 while still schooling at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She initially got a job as a news anchor for OTV, a music channel.

By the time she was 18, she had worked with programs like Fashionable Life, NEWS BLOK, and The Big Sunday News Digest. Elle named her the best TV Host in the country in 2009.

In 2011, she hosted Project Runway Russia.

The multi-talented celebrity has also tried singing, with “My Heart” as her first video. It topped the charts and got an Audience Appreciation Award during the 5 STARS Sotchi Music Festival.

Generally, her music has been very popular in Russia and Ukraine. She has released 1 album and 21 singles.

Anna has also dabbled in writing, and her book, “The Art of Seduction” remains a best-seller in Russia.


She has faced criticisms in Ukraine for accepting Russian awards at a time when the country sees itself as a victim of its aggression.

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