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Jennylyn Has Arrived On Time

Jennylyn Mercado, or Jennylyn Anne Pineda Mercado-Ho in full, is an actress, singer, songwriter, and the winner of the popular reality show, StarStruck. Below are a couple of things you likely didn’t know about her.

Why Is Jennylyn Mercado Famous?
Jennylyn is famous for her amazing performances on television and film, which has helped her earn the status of being the “Ultimate Star” in the country. She was in several successful films such as English Only, Please (2014), and Just the 3 of Us (2016).

She is also popular for the music she has released.

Date Of Birth
15 May 1987

Birth Place
Manila, Philippines

Jennylyn also got skin tightening on her face to give her a more youthful look.

When she was young, she was physically abused by her stepfather. Her biological mother was away in Dubai, and only returned to bail her stepfather out. Since then, she was raised by an aunt, whom she considers her mother.

She is passionate about traveling and sports. During her free time, she loves taking jiujitsu and Muay Thai lessons.

She has also taken part in Duathlon competitions. Jennylyn is also passionate about diving.

Who Is Jennylyn Mercado Dating?
She has been married to Dennis Trillo since 2021, and they have 2 children. He was her long-time boyfriend at the time they got married.

One of her children is from her previous relationship, while their youngest, a daughter, was born after their marriage.

Jennylyn Mercado Dating History
She was dating Patrick Garcia, but he distanced himself from her when she announced she was pregnant in 2008. She was 21 at the time, and he was said to be the child’s father.

Jennylyn Mercado Social Media
On her social media page, she loves to post about her life as an actress and a social media influencer. She has about 3.5 million followers, and her posts get over 100k likes on average.

About Jennylyn Mercado
When she was young, a voice coach recommended that she try being a recording artist, which she did in 1999. She joined a musical group but it never released an album since two of the members left.

From there, she tried commercial modeling, and she ended up getting a gig with Bambini Cologne. She then competed in StarStruck.

She would have her acting debut in 2002 when she got a minor role in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, an ABS-CBN television series. The show featured Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz.

Jennylyn often promotes matters related to women’s rights, and she is recognized by GABRIELA, a women’s rights organization, as an honorary member.

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