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Arci Will Cheer You Up Immediately

Arci Muñoz is an actress, model, singer, and dancer from the Philippines. Her Instagram is ramonathornes. Her full name is Ramona Cecilia Datuin Muñoz.

Why Is Arci Muñoz Famous?
Arci is best known as the lead singer of the Filipino rock band PHILIA. Her talents have graced numerous programs on the GMA Network and other Filipino television channels, including notable appearances in shows like “Pasión de Amor” and “I Can Do That.”

Her journey into the limelight commenced when she participated in the third season of the reality show “StarStruck.” Later, she took on a co-hosting role in the fifth season of the same show.

In addition to her musical and television career, Arci has made a name for herself as a sought-after model. She represented Asia in the prestigious Asia Supermodel Competition back in 2008.

Date Of Birth
12 January 1989

Birth Place
Quezon City, Philippines

On her left arm, she sports a symbol representing her ability to “shapeshift,” a nod to her passion for anime. The intricate kitsune mask, expertly crafted by Korean tattoo artist PolyC, symbolizes a magical creature with the power of transformation according to Japanese folklore.

Keeping her rooted and connected, a delicate sunflower adorns her ankle. This vibrant flower symbolizes the sun’s journey across the sky throughout the day.

Her faith is etched onto both her arms, with a cross-shaped rose and an infinity symbol coming together when she clasps her hands in prayer.

Recently, Arci added another tattoo to her collection – an eye-shaped design on her nape. However, this eye serves as a protective amulet, guarding her against negative energy rather than attracting it.

She hails from a diverse heritage, with a Spanish father named Manuel Ramon Muñoz and a Filipino mother. Additionally, she has a sister by the name of Lou Menoz.

Her passion lies in anime and collectible toys, with a particular fondness for Disney and Sailor Moon. Her bedroom is a treasure trove of these beloved items, adorning every nook and cranny.

Arci Muñoz Dating History
Arci Muñoz has also had relationships with Anthony Ng (from 2018 to 2019), Kelvin Yu of Itchyworms (from 2010 to 2017), Kean Cipriano (from 2009 to 2010), and Brandon Boyd.

Arci Muñoz Social Media
She first began posting on Instagram in 2011. Her photos get up to 135k likes, around 20k on average.

Arci has won a huge following thanks to her fantastic travel content and sultry swimwear photos. She often poses on the beach or in front of popular sights like the Disney castle or famous European buildings like the tower in Pisa. The beautiful brunette looks stunning in all different styles and settings.

Apart from Instagram, she is also active on Facebook and YouTube, sharing vlogs, unboxing videos, and beauty content.

About Arci Muñoz
Arci obtained her degree in Theater Arts from the University of the Philippines.

Her journey into the entertainment world commenced when she participated in the third season of the reality talent show, “StarStruck,” back in 2005.

Following her stint on “StarStruck,” she graced several television programs on both GMA and TV5 networks.

In 2016, Arci made waves by becoming the Ginebra San Miguel calendar girl, marking her first time posing in a bikini. Additionally, she currently holds the position of Sergeant in the Philippine Air Force.


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