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Jessica Looks Like A Million Bucks

Jessica Mendiola Tawile-Manzano, popularly known as Jessy Mendiola, is a Filipino actress, model, influencer, and presenter.

Over time, she gained widespread recognition as a result of her starring roles in multiple popular television series, including “Sabel” (2010), “Budoy” (2011), “Paraiso” (2012), and “Maria Mercedes” (2013).

Why Is Jessy Mendiola Famous?
Jessy Mendiola is famous for her talent, beauty, and charisma, which have made her a well-known figure in the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

Her work earned her multiple accolades, such as the ‘German Moreno Youth Achievement Award’ at the 2012 FAMAS Awards. She also made history as the first Filipino to be honored with the ‘Best Asia Pacific Star’ title at the 5th Asia Pacific Actors Network (APAN) Star Awards in South Korea.

Also, for three consecutive years (2017-2019), she was featured on TC Candler’s prestigious roster of the “Most Beautiful Faces in the World.” Adding to her list of accomplishments, FHM Philippines crowned her as the “Sexiest Woman of 2016.”

Date Of Birth
December 3, 1992

Birth Place
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jessy Mendiola is married to her longtime boyfriend and popular television host Luis Manzano. They have a daughter Isabella Rose, fondly called Rosie together. She was born on December 29, 2022.

Jessy was born to a Filipino mother and a Lebanese father. She is the middle child of three siblings. When she was three years old, her mother relocated her and her older sister, Pamela, to the Philippines after parting ways with her father due to his infidelity. Jessy’s younger sister, Megan, was born in Mexico, where her parents briefly reconciled before separating again for reasons unknown.

Despite the separation, she maintains contact with her father, who works overseas as a marine anthropologist.

She enjoys painting, traveling, making quick snacks, dolling up, taking pictures, and spending time with Rosie.

She also loves sports, especially basketball.

Who Is Jessy Mendiola Dating?
Jessy Mendiola is married.

Jessy Mendiola Dating History
Jessy Mendiola had reportedly been in a relationship with JM De Guzman between 2013 and 2015.

She also had brief encounters with Jake Cuenca, Sam Milby, and Matteo Guidicelli.

She started dating her husband Luiz Manzano in June 2016 and they got married on February 21, 2021.

Jessy Mendiola Social Media
Jessy is a true social media star. She has over 7.8 million followers on Instagram with a truly engaging Instagram feed. She often uploads pictures and videos documenting routines and fun moments from her personal and work life. She shares bits and pieces about her family life and life as a mom with her ever-ready fans.

She uses the platform to influence different brands, from skincare to makeup and fashion.

She also has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. In her words, “Through my YouTube channel, I want to share with you the real Jessy who loves God, life & the people around her. How she conquered her fears & how she turned the negative into a positive change. How she learned to let go & let God. How she learned from her mistakes and evolved.” And this is what her YouTube channel truly is about; all love and light as she shares a lot of her personal journey with fans.

About Jessy Mendiola
Jessy is known for her ability to speak multiple languages. She is fluent in English, and Tagalog (Filipino) She even speaks a bit of Arabic and Spanish due to her diverse cultural background.

She loves sports, particularly basketball, and even played in a few celebrity basketball games. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Her Instagram often features photos from her travels around the world.


Jessy is also a health and fitness enthusiast. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and often shares her workout routines and fitness journey with her followers.


She is known for her love of animals and has a pet dog named Skysky. She advocates for animal rights and often shares photos of her furry friend on social media.

Jessy also advocates for mental health. She has been open about her own struggles with mental health and uses her platform to help break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

She has a keen sense of fashion and has often been seen as a style icon. She has appeared on numerous best-dressed lists and has even attended international fashion events.

Some brands she has and is working with include Cathy Valencia Skin Clinic, Yooboo, Cream Silk, Palmolive Naturals, Rexona, and FILA among many others.

She is a literal goddess; gorgeous with flawless, porcelain-like skin, and fans can’t get enough of her.

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