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Casey Has Arrived On Time

Casey Batchelor is a British glamour model, a reality TV star, a social media influencer, and a celebrity. She is also a yoga queen and is the creative director of Yoga Blitz, a yoga community on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @caseybatchelor1.

Why Is Casey Batchelor Famous?
Casey gained fame when she appeared as one of the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother 13. She’s perhaps best known for her eye-catching 34GG assets, thanks to numerous appearances in some of the nation’s most popular men’s magazines like Nuts and Zoo with her stunning photo shoots. She was also voted Miss Maxim in April 2006.

Date Of Birth
October 2, 1984

Birth Place
Essex, England, United Kingdom

She went on to explain, “My breasts are indeed real and always have been; we’ve got a family history of generous busts, and even my mom had a reduction. Interestingly, my breasts have grown a bit again after the reduction, which can happen.”

Her dad, Gary, ran a scaffolding business, while her mom, Kim, had the honor of being Victoria Beckham’s godmother.

Casey Batchelor is engaged to her longtime partner, Dane Goodson and they have three daughters together. She shared that she believes her family is now whole, having joyfully welcomed her third daughter, Daisy, in addition to Florence and Sadie.

She loves posting her stunning pictures on her social media pages. She also enjoys spending time with her kids. She loves to travel, she loves seeing new places, she enjoys trying out new delicacies, and of course, she loves yoga.

Who Is Casey Batchelor Dating?
Casey Batchelor is engaged to Dane Goodson.

Casey Batchelor Dating History
Casey Batchelor has had her fair share of relationships in the past, with at least five of them under her belt. It’s worth noting that she hasn’t been engaged before. Among her past relationships, she was romantically involved with Rogan O’Connor in 2015 and even had a connection with the famous musician So, it’s safe to say that Casey’s love life has been quite eventful.

Casey Batchelor Social Media
Casey is active on Instagram with over 3000 posts and more than 300K followers. She uses this platform to promote her Yoga platforms as well as her Wellness and Fitness platforms. She regularly posts her stunning photos as well as photos of her kids. She does not have a Facebook account.

She also takes to her Instagram pages to share amazing pictures of places she visits, the new delicacies she’s trying out, and all her cherished moments with her children.

She gets thousands of likes and tens to hundreds of comments per post.

About Casey Batchelor
Casey has dedicated a substantial 285 hours to her training to become a certified yoga instructor, enabling her to provide hands-on support to the clients who engage with her program. This stands in contrast to other celebrities who merely serve as the public face of such enterprises.

She seems to understand how to balance being in the limelight and being a mom, with three of her children under the age of 6 at this time.

She mentioned before that she and her fiance plan to get married after their family is complete so that their children can be at their wedding. But, after three daughters, she expressed her desire to get a son as well.

The gorgeous reality TV star continues to show moms that they can get their desired body regardless of how many kids they have had with the right yoga exercises and diet.

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