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Lauren is Just… WoW

Lauren Grace Lane (née Bushnell) is a TV personality, fashion designer, influencer, and former Alaska Airlines flight attendant. She was a contestant on the 20th season of The Bachelor. At the end of the season, she got engaged to Ben Higgins.

Now, she is married to popular country singer Chris Lane. Her Instagram handle is @laurenlane.

Why Is Lauren Lane Famous?
Lauren is famous for getting engaged on national television after her appearance on The Bachelor. She got engaged to Ben Higgins and they started their own spin-off show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

She gained more popularity after getting engaged and married to the “I Don’t Know About You” crooner, Chris Lane.

Date Of Birth
February 2, 1990

Birth Place
Portland, Oregon, United States

She is the daughter of Kristin Reason Bushnell and David Bushnell. She has three other siblings, one sister, and two brothers; Mollie, Bryant, and Brett.

She is married to Chris Lane and they have two sons together; Dutton Walker and Baker West. The duo got engaged in June 2019 and got married on October 25 of the same year.

Photography, shopping, traveling, fashion, and growing plants; she enjoys all these activities in her spare time.

Who Is Lauren Lane Dating?
Lauren Lane is married to Chris Lane. She got married to the American country music singer and songwriter in October 2019.

Lauren Lane Dating History
Lauren was in a relationship with Ben Higgins from 2015 to 2017. They met on The Bachelor show and broke up a little while after exiting the show.

After that, she dated real estate agent, Devin Antin, but their relationship lasted only a few months.

She eventually met her now husband, Chris Lane in 2018 and soon after, they started dating. They got engaged and married within a few months in 2019.

Lauren Lane Social Media
Lauren is active on Instagram with over 1.5 million followers. She uses this platform to promote various brands; everything from clothing to jewelry, skincare, and food brands.

She also shares different moments from her personal life with fans. They include many fun moments with her kids and her husband. Some followers have accused her of commercializing her personal life since she uses many of those personal moments to promote brands she works with.

She is also on Twitter with over 168k followers but was last active on the platform in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic era.

About Lauren Lane
She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family of four.

She and her husband share a special relationship with their dogs, Cooper and Chloe. They got Cooper even before they had kids and the dogs are literally a part of their family.

She has pots of plants that she tends with lots of love, Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Angel Vine, Rubber Tree, Chinese Money Plant, Button Fern, and so on.

After her time on “The Bachelor,” Lauren pursued a career in fashion and modeling. She launched her own fashion line called “Dear Rose,” which includes a range of clothing and accessories. She has also been involved in various endorsement and modeling opportunities.

She has worked with James Allen, Diff Eye Wear, Bose, and others.

The TV personality gets prettier by the day and doesn’t let negative comments from netizens dampen her glow or make her feel less of herself.

Many fans of Chris Lane hope to see more of her at any of his live performances.


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