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Annika Is True Treasure

Annika Boron is a Toronto-based model Instagram influencer, and YouTuber who is passionate about fashion and beauty. Her Instagram handle is @annikaboron.

Why Is Annika Boron Famous?
Annika is famous for her sizzling photos on Instagram. Her face card never declines and her eyes are her best features and she shows them off on the gram; they are so wide, clear, and blue that anyone could get lost in them as they get drawn in.

Her freckles and bushy eyebrows make her even more attractive.

Date Of Birth
July 8, 1998

Birth Place
Toronto, Canada

She shares very little about her family online but has shared videos of her sister on TikTok.

Annika enjoys making goofy videos, dressing up, shopping, spending quality time with her friends, and rescuing animals.

The model is also heavy on jewelry though she often uses simple ones.

Who Is Annika Boron Dating?
Annika Boron is currently single.

Annika Boron Dating History
She reportedly dated a man named Ben Kalifer in 2019 and allegedly dated NHL player Kasperi Kapanen too.

Annika Boron Social Media
Annika is most active on Instagram and TikTok. On the former, she has over 130k followers. She has diligently grown her following since she joined the platform in January 2014.

She has promoted herself as a model, everything from modeling prom outfits to signing with bigger brands including fashion and skincare brands. But she has also served fans, sizzling hot pictures in gorgeous fits, as well as fun times spent with her girlfriends.

While she is fun on TikTok, she majorly uses the platform to promote herself as a realtor. She makes videos of homes she hopes to sell or lease off and shares clips from volunteering at animal shelters. She has 43k followers and has garnered over 600k likes from the 30 videos she has posted so far.

Annika Boron also has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 120k subscribers with whom she shares everything from her vegan journey to home workouts, fashion tips, beauty hacks, transformation videos, and personal challenges like dealing with self-harm. She joined the platform in October 2013 but has been on a hiatus since 2022.

About Annika Boron
In addition to being a model and Instagram star, Annika recently joined Meta Realty as a sales representative.

She loves dogs and actively partakes in rescuing them.

She works hard but she also knows how to play, specifically making time out for herself, her family, and friends.

The beautiful Instagram star continues to wow followers with gorgeous pictures as she promises to return to YouTube soon.


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