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Meet Tonia- Only Perfection

Tonia Couch is a former British diver and model. She “represented Team GB in three Olympic Games, competed in 12 world championships, became European Champion in 2012, four-time British Champion, and claimed silver in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.”

Why Is Tonia Couch Famous?
Tonia Couch is famous for her successful career as a competitive diver for Great Britain in various championships.

She is renowned for her excellence in synchronized diving, where she has teamed up with various diving partners over the years, which involves two divers performing coordinated dives simultaneously.

Date Of Birth
May 20, 1989

Birth Place
Plymouth, Devon, England.

Tonia Couch was born to Chris and Sally Couch. Her parents encouraged her to pursue diving and that turned out well for her. She has a sister named Hollie.

She got married to her longtime beau, snowboarder Jordan Adam Maycock, and they are expecting their first child together.

Couch loves making healthy meals, diving, swimming, keeping fit, and visiting the beach.

Being a dog mom, she loves spending time with her dog, Nanook.

Who Is Tonia Couch Dating?
Tonia Couch is married.

Tonia Couch Dating History
According to a report from Evening Standard UK, Tonia Couch used to have a boyfriend named Karl Thurgood. They were dating in the year 2012. She reportedly said that he was a Royal Marine and had to go to Afghanistan for his duty when he couldn’t be with her when she was competing for a gold medal in London in 2012.

Other relationships before meeting her husband, Jordan Maycock, are unknown.

Tonia Couch Social Media
Couch is most active on Instagram with over 60k followers with whom she shares her achievements before and after retirement. Since her retirement and marriage, she shares more about her pregnancy journey and bits and pieces from other aspects of her personal life.

She gets about a thousand likes on average and tens of comments per post.

On Twitter, she has over 30k followers but hasn’t been active on the platform since 2018 after 9 years of actively using the platform.

About Tonia Couch
Couch made her national competitive debut at age 14 and finished 17th at the 2003 European Junior Championship and won her first European Championship gold medal in 2012.

She has a dog named Nanook and has a dedicated Instagram page for him.

The dog mom is set to have her first child and her friends threw her a bridal shower this September.

She recently became the ambassador for Switch the Play Foundation, “the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting athletes across all sports to reach their potential, both through their sporting career and to successfully transition out of sport when their sporting career comes to an end.”

Since Couch recently retired from international competitive sports, she was an ideal choice because she perfectly understands the struggles of transitioning onto a new path from the sporting life they have always known.

Since 1999 when Couch took her first diving trial till now, she has consistently worked to improve herself and has made a name for herself as one of Britain’s most notable divers.


After her retirement, she received a special recognition award at the British Diving Championships on 26 January 2018.

She has also appeared in magazines such as UK’s Women’s Health Magazine. She is building her presence on Instagram and her gorgeous photos are more than enough to keep fans glued to it.


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