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Gloria Is True Treasure

Gloria Trevo, known in full as Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, is a model, dancer, songwriter, television hostess, and entrepreneur with millions of admirers in Mexico and beyond. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about her.

Why Is Gloria Trevi Famous?
Gloria is famous as “The Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop”, thanks to her successful career as a singer, dancer, songwriter, and music video director. She has also been described as the Madonna of Mexico.

She is also famous for her second album, Tu Angel de la Guarda, which had a single that reached the number-one spot in many countries. The album was also described by Billboard magazine as one of the greatest Latin albums ever.

Date Of Birth
February 15

Birth Place
Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Gloria was the oldest of five siblings. Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old, and she left home when she was 12, although her mother was against it.

Traveling, dancing, and spending time with friends.

Who Is Gloria Trevi Dating?
Gloria is married to Armando Gormez, a lawyer. They have been married since 2009, and they have two sons together.

Gloria Trevi Dating History
In the past, she was romantically involved with her music producer, Sergio Andrade.

Gloria Trevi Social Media
On Instagram, where she has over 5 million followers, Gloria posts about her life as a musician. Her posts get about 50k likes on average.

About Gloria Trevi
Since she was young, Gloria wanted to become an entertainer. She got musical lessons when she was young, and she also learned to play piano and drums.

When she first started out, she would sing and dance on the streets for money. At one point, she had to work at a taco stand.

In addition to creating music, Gloria has also tried her hand at acting. She has been in films, television shows, and even telenovelas.

Back in 2000, she and two others, including a backup singer, were put under arrest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on charges of corrupting minors. She served time, and while still in prison, she revealed she was pregnant.

She was released from prison over four and a half years later due to lack of evidence. The case and the sentence were a huge disruption to her career.


However, after her time in prison, she tried to revive her career.


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