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Every Day Is A Hump Day With Phoebe

Phoebe Price, @actressphoebeprice, is an actress and former international model in Capetown SA, Athens, Greece, and Milan, Italy. She is also the designer for Hats and Headbands found in leading boutiques in Beverly Hills and California.

Why Is Phoebe Price Famous?
Phoebe Price is famous for wanting to be famous. Frequently labeled as a “wannabe actor” by tabloids and paparazzi, she remains a fixture on the D-List, never quite making it into the inner circles of Hollywood.

She consistently courts photographers, resulting in numerous shots capturing her in provocative poses, wardrobe mishaps, or other attention-grabbing moments.

Her most significant acting role was playing Carly in the 2013 thriller “Broken Blood”. She is also well known for working with charities and is the spokeswoman for Battered Women.

Her dress sense is pretty unique and sometimes causes controversies. Price boldly shares her views and opinions on public causes without fear of any form of backlash.

Date Of Birth
September 27, 1972

Birth Place

Phoebe Price was born to Flora Mae Vines Price and Henry Arnold Price. She shares very little about her family and there is no mention of siblings.

Phoebe loves being photographed, many not by nosy paparazzi. She loves playing dress-up in a quirky, unconventional way.

She loves comedy and prides herself as a stand-up comedian. She also loves tennis and is a self-proclaimed “tennis pro.”

Who Is Phoebe Price Dating?
Price has reportedly been in a relationship with fellow actor and Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noa since August 2013.

Phoebe Price Dating History
Previous relationships are unknown.

Phoebe Price Social Media
She is on Instagram as @actressphoebeprice with around 50k followers. Most of her posts get little engagement but she continues to update her page with her quirky and controversial pictures and actively uses the platform to support different causes.

On TikTok, she has almost a thousand followers with whom she shares “fun” videos of herself dancing or pulling stunts in her home and in public.

On Twitter, which she joined in January 2010, she has over a thousand followers and often uses the platform to direct attention to her other social media accounts and paparazzi news.

She is a caregiver to her mom and while she is not a mainstream actress, she has actively been supporting the SAG-AFTRA strike.

She says that she has studied acting with the top coaches to perfect her skills and once mentioned that she has spent about half a million dollars doing that.

While she has maintained a presence in the entertainment industry, Phoebe Price has primarily remained on the periphery of mainstream Hollywood, with a reputation more as a socialite and media personality than as a widely recognized actor.

Her relentless pursuit of fame and her willingness to embrace controversial or attention-grabbing moments have contributed to her notoriety in the world of celebrity culture.


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