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Meet Nikolina- Only Perfection

Nikolina Ristović nee Pisek is a Croatian TV presenter and actress. Early on, she did a bit of modeling, worked as a photographer for Globus Magazine, and even wrote some fashion columns for the magazine.

Why Is Nikolina Pisek Famous?
Nikolina was famous for being one of the attractive hosts of an entertainment, gossip, and lifestyle show on her country’s public broadcaster HRT in 2003. The somewhat provocative nature of the show earned it enough viewership and sprung Nikolina to fame.

The sudden rise to fame of the young presenter in Croatia resulted in an offer for a photo shoot for the Croatian edition of Playboy, which she agreed to, gracing the pages of the magazine in its July 2003 issue.

In March 2007, Pišek took on the role of host for HRT Dora, Croatia’s selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her foray into hosting also opened doors to acting, resulting in her appearance on the TV series “Bitange i princeze.” She further solidified her presence by participating as a contestant in the second season of “Ples sa zvijezdama,” the Croatian version of “Strictly Come Dancing,” which aired on HRT in the fall of 2007.

Date Of Birth
April 8, 1973

Birth Place
Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia

Nikolina married Vidoje Ristović in September 2013, and they moved to Belgrade together. They gave birth to a baby girl in 2014. Unfortunately, Vidoje died in May 2022.

Nikolina has another daughter, Hana, from a previous relationship with journalist Mark Cigoj who wrote for Globus magazine around 1997.

She enjoys spending quality time with her girls. Nikolina is also a dog lover and has four cute dogs.

Spending time by the beach is another of her hobbies.

Nikolina Pisek Dating History
In 1997, she was in a relationship with and supposedly married journalist Mark Cigoj, who was a writer for Globus magazine at the time. Her relationship with Cigoj eventually ended when they got divorced.

Throughout 2006, Pišek was romantically involved with Croatian businessman Tomislav Totić.

Starting in 2007, she embarked on a relationship with Croatian professional scuba diver Kristijan Curavić. This union led to their engagement in the spring of 2009. In the spring and early summer of 2010, Pišek worked as the studio host for the “Farma” reality show, while her fiancé, Curavić, was a contestant. Regrettably, the couple parted ways during the summer of 2010.

In 2010, Pišek entered into a relationship with Matija Ćorković, a Serbian businessman based in Berlin. This relationship came to an end in 2012.

She met Vidoje and they got married in September 2013.

Nikolina Pisek Social Media
Nikolina is most active on Instagram with over 120k followers with whom she shares both joyful and sorrowful moments from her life.

While it is a personal blog and a picture gallery, her page tells a lot about her life, career, and relationship with her daughter, and dogs.

She also actively promotes the shows she hosts on her page.

About Nikolina Pisek
The 50-year-old TV host is age-defying as she continues to show off her perfect body on the gram.

She has not taken a day off pushing her career to higher grounds. She has been a prominent face on Croatian television screens for many years.

Perhaps her most significant career breakthrough occurred in late September 2008, almost simultaneously with her transition to a new network, Nora TV. During this time, she was unveiled as one of the four hosts of “Operacija Trijumf,” the local adaptation of Star Academy for the five Balkan countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia.

Her co-hosts included Milan Kalinić, Ana Mihajlovski, and Maca Marinković. Her weekly appearances on this immensely popular reality singing contest, which spanned three months and aired on six networks, captured a substantial audience across the Balkans. This exposure catapulted her to heightened fame and opened up new career opportunities beyond Croatia.

Starting in September 2022, Nikolina assumed the role of co-host for the talk show “Donna” alongside Dejana Rosuljaš and Baya Bangue Namkosse on Una TV, a regional television channel with hubs in Belgrade and Banjaluka.

In 2023, Nikolina made her return to Croatian television, taking over as the host of the second season of the Croatian adaptation of “Masked Singer” on RTL Televizija, succeeding Antonija Blaće in this role.

She has been an eye candy for many years and has not allowed the pain of losing a marriage mate mask her glow.

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