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Long Week? Rest Up With Ambra

Why Is Sitora Israilova Famous?
Ambra Gutierrez is an Italian model who was a runner-up in the Miss Italy contest and was once Miss Piedmont. She’s been in GQ Italy magazine and has worked with big brands like Victoria’s Secret and Armani. In 2017, Time magazine named her “Person of the Year.”

In 2018, she was in two TV documentaries called Frontline and Panorama. In 2019, she was in another documentary on Hulu called Untouchable.

She got a lot of attention in the U.S. for helping to reveal sexual abuse claims against Harvey Weinstein.

Date Of Birth
15 May 1992

Birth Place
Turin, Italy

Ambra’s dad is Italian and her mom is Filipino. On her mom’s side, she’s part Spanish and part Filipino, and on her dad’s side, she’s part Italian and part Greek. She has a younger brother.

Gutierrez is part of the Model Alliance’s Leadership Council. This group works to make the modeling industry safer and fairer. She also collaborates with organizations like Eek Media, Safe Horizon, and Humanility.

She was the first artist to back the Me Too movement in Iran. She shared her own story to support Iranian women in a video made by an Iranian legal group and a U.S. media company.

Who Is Ambra Gutierrez Dating?
According to sources, she might currently be single.

Ambra Gutierrez Dating History
Ambra has previously dated Marcello Cassano.

Ambra Gutierrez Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2014. Her Instagram photos get up to 30k likes, around 12k on average.

Ambra shares portrait photos and naturally stunning modeling snaps posing in swimwear or fashionable clothes.

About Ambra Gutierrez
Gutierrez was named after Ambra Angiolini, a famous Italian star. She had a tough home life because of her abusive dad. After he left, she was raised by her mom and younger brother.

She finished high school at ITPG Guarino Guarini, where she studied land surveying.

In 2010, right after turning 18, her manager tricked her into going to a “bunga bunga” party linked to Silvio Berlusconi, telling her it was to celebrate her making the finals in the Miss Italy pageant. She later became an important witness against Berlusconi in court and shared her story of sexual assault with Italian officials.

Gutierrez says her strong mom had a big impact on her life, teaching her to trust in God and be ready for any challenges that come her way.


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