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Heat wave from the one and only Ashley

Maxim magazine’s World Best Woman award is among the most prestigious accolades an actress or model can receive, and Ashley Graham has secured the title for 2023.

In recognition of her achievement, Maxim has featured her on the front cover of their Hot 100 issue, along with a cover story. The magazine lauds Graham, describing her as stunning, inspirational, and the embodiment of curvaceous beauty.

Ashley Graham’s article includes her reflections on the World Best Woman award and her personal relationship with her body.

She states: “We can look at everybody’s shapes and sizes, gender, ethnicity, and age as part of who they are; it doesn’t have to be a negative or a positive.”

Graham also discusses how she perceives the natural evolution and changes of our bodies and how she leverages her body as a powerful tool. It is these empowering messages that have contributed to her being awarded the title.

Teyana Taylor, the first Black woman to receive the World Best Woman award, won the honor in 2021. Other recent recipients include Jessica Alba (2001), Jennifer Garner (2002), Jessica Simpson (2004), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (2011), and Miley Cyrus (2013).

Following the announcement on social media, numerous individuals shared their congratulations and admiration for Graham’s accomplishments.

Numerous individuals expressed how Graham’s journey has inspired them to embrace and love their own bodies.

Despite facing body-shaming from various sources, including journalists, in the past, Graham was able to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

Our congratulations go out to Ashley Graham for earning the prestigious title. It is truly remarkable what one can achieve with dedication, passion, and perseverance.


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