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Melanie is Just… WoW

Melanie Levi is a young fashion model and journalist student from the United States. Her Instagram is melaniejlevi.

Why is Melanie Levi famous?
Melanie is best known for being a naturally stunning model signed with Select Model Atlanta.

She has modeled for the brand Champion among others.

She is a host for RapTV and For The Streets by RapTV.

Date Of Birth
February 2002

Birth Place
United States

She is very close to her father who has shown up on her Instagram for Fahters Day.

Melanie has a deep passion for animals and is a strong advocate for the Adoptdontshop campaign, which promotes the adoption of rescue pets instead of purchasing puppies from pet stores.

In addition to her love for animals, Melanie has a keen interest in fashion, and her personal style is a blend of sophistication and luxury.

Who Is Melanie Levi Dating?
She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Melanie Levi Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2015.


Her Instagram photos get up to 1.5k likes, around 1k on average.

Melanie showcases striking modeling shots taken by the poolside or seaside and during her nights out, while also raising awareness of certain societal issues through her posts.

About Melanie Levi
In 2020, Melanie graduated with outstanding achievements, having earned 9 academic honors awards and 2 academic scholarships during her school years.

In addition to her modeling career, she is pursuing her studies to become a journalist.

Melanie’s gorgeous physical appearance, including her long black hair and alluring curves, has garnered a large fan base. Her full, plump lips and flawless figure are particularly adored by her followers.


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