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Kick Back And Relax With Iryna

Iryna Ivanova is one dashing Instagram star and social media influencer.

Why is Iryna Ivanova Famous?
She is famous for appearing in Justin Bieber’s music video for I’m The One in 2017. Iryna also was engaged with the World Fighting Federation.

Date Of Birth
6 April 1987

Birth Place
Voronezh, Russia

Iryna spent her childhood with her parents in Russia. Later she moved to the USA, and now she lives in Arizona Phoenix.

She was raised in a Christian family, and her parents got separated when she was a young girl. However, we are not sure if she has any siblings.

Iryna is versatile when it comes to appearance and looks. She likes to experiment with different hairstyles, and she often changes her hair.

In her free time, Iryna just relaxes and spends time with her pets. Iryna owns a cat and a dog.

Who is Iryna Ivanova Dating?
She hasn’t shared something more about her relationship status at the moment, so it remains a mystery.

Iryna Ivanova Dating History
Iryna’s dating history also is one mystery that we tried to solve. However, it remains a secret.

Iryna Ivanova Social Media

She is present on every social media platform that will pop into your mind! Of course, Instagram remains her favorite one, but you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

About Iryna Ivanova
Iryna is one ordinary girl with a passion for working with social media. She studied Business Administration at the University of Arizona.

She loves eating fast food, it’s her comfort food whenever she feels like she is having a bad day. She also loves going out with her closest friends and having a good time at a nightclub.

Moreover, Iryna is an animal lover and she had several photoshoots with animals.

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