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Liza Knows How To Pose for The Camera

Liza Irizarry is a famous Instagram model and social media influencer.

Why is Liza Irizarry Famous?
She is a famous model, Instagram influencer, a star who worked with famous magazines, such as Maxim and Smooth.

Date Of Birth
November 19, 1981

Birth Place

Liza was born in Washington Heights in New York City, and she spent all of her childhood there.

Since her parents have Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, they introduced her to Spanish culture and music when she was still a child.

Liza likes to bake and try out new recipes. Keto cookies are her specialty, and in 2021, she launched her brand called Hi-delights.

Who is Liza Irizarry Dating?
We don’t know if Liza is single or taken, but we know that she hasn’t been engaged or married before.

Liza Irizarry Dating History
Liza doesn’t want to expose her personal relationships that much.

Liza Irizarry Social Media
Instagram is Liza’s favorite social media. She found there a type of audience that help her grow as an influencer and as a person.

About Liza Irizarry
Liza loves going out and having fun. There is something relaxing about dancing and drinking cocktails with your closest friends, indeed.

She also has a passion for traveling. Exotic destinations are always on her to-do list. Jamaica and the Maldives are among her favorite places she has visited by now.


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