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Meet Shannon The New IG Sensation

Shannon Milligan is such a sight for sore eyes. A rare natural beauty with mysterious green eyes and lush blonde hair.

Why Is Shannon Milligan Famous?
It is interesting to mention that Shannon was a bartender back in the days before she started modeling. She is now a famous Instagram model, and a proud founder of a modeling agency called Seasons Model Management.

Date Of Birth

Birth Place
NYC, United States

One rare fact about Shannon’s family is that they are of Hungarian descent. We don’t know whether they had lived there and moved to the USA at some point, but it is a unique thing about her.

Shannon loves to go out with her friends. Her favorite nightclub is Bowery Road. She is the dancing queen of the group. She also loves sports, and her favorite sports team is the Redskins.

Who Is Shannon Milligan Dating?
She hasn’t shared something about her relationship status

Shannon Milligan Dating History
Since Shannon likes to keep it low, there is no further info about who or for how long she dated her ex-partners.

Shannon Milligan Social Media
She is present on Instagram and posts regularly, but she also has a LinkedIn profile.

About Shannon Milligan
Shannon might be young, but she’s been through a lot in her life. And her road to success wasn’t easy at all.

She thinks that the best advice she has ever received is the one that became her motto: You have to fail before you succeed.

Shannon loves the adrenaline, and her dream car is Audi R8.

She likes simple things. Her favorite meal is mashed potatoes, and she loves drinking white wine.

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