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Enjoying Mother Nature With Sima

Sima is a pretty Iranian Instagram influencer and model. She has almost 41K followers on Instagram.

Although there is not much info about her private life and career achievements, one could notice that this exotic beauty has a close relationship with her followers.

She shared many things with them through the years.

So, we learned that this amazing girl had just celebrated her 26th birthday a couple of days ago.

Traveling is Sima’s biggest passion in life.

By now, she has visited many attractive destinations.

Around three years ago, Sima visited the Maldives. She and her husband had a fantastic time there.

Of course, she shared loads of stories on her Instagram. You could almost feel the balmy breeze in the Maldives through the pictures.

Hawaii, Maine, Seychelles, Barbados, Laos – these places are just a tiny part of Sima’s travels.

In 2018, Sima got married to the love of her life. She said that she got married to her best friend and that it was the best thing one could imagine.

And when two travel addicts collide, it’s natural to plan a honeymoon in some exotic destination.

So, Sima and her better half went to visit Seychelles.

The magnificent pictures are not enough to describe the beauty they had seen there.

Sima loves animals. She had a white cat named Casper.

Although it is evident that she loves animals, Sima thinks that traveling too often makes things a bit harder for taking care of pets.

Enthusiastic and open to visiting new places, outgoing and natural.

Sima is not afraid to show who she truly is, and her increasing number of followers only confirms that she is a lovely person to follow.

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