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Let’s Waste Some Time With Liz

Liz Corvino, a mental and physical health advocate, is a popular muscle girl and influencer for muscle-building brands.

She often shows off her progress and lean body in bikinis and her signature bare busts pictures.

One such picture features her standing at the beach in a sexy black bikini, striking an audacious pose. She raises an arm and turns her face into it while her hair flows down her back.

With the other hand, adorned with beaded bracelets and a simple ring on her forefinger, she raises her bralette from beneath her busts, exposing half of her bare upper body.

Her workout routines are an integral part of her life; her chiseled abs, flat tummy, and trimmed thighs testify to that.

The goal-oriented fitness enthusiast with 222k followers on Instagram has not been posting pictures on Instagram since 2020 but hasn’t left her fans bare.

She regularly posts videos on her Instagram story, keeping her fans updated with her day-to-day activities.

She shares workout videos and videos of herself in meetings she attends in the sexiest wears.

She is passionate about letting others shine and finds ways to do that via the #upwardmovement.

California is her home, and she absolutely loves being in Bay Area.

Besides being an advocate for mental health and fit life, she works as a sales dev at PlayStation.

Gaming is another thing Liz is passionate about.

Before going AWOL on Instagram, she hinted at going through some changes.

In her words: “Life has kicked me in the balls.”

While she gave no specifics, she limited her posting sprees and eventually stopped.

Thankfully, her stories are regularly updated with video clips, some showing that she is doing much better.

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