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Elizabeth Has Arrived Right on Time

Elizabeth Zaks is one of the most popular Instagram models these days. She has 764K followers and loves sharing her everyday struggles with them.

It is estimated that her net worth is $1-5M.

She became famous in 2013 when she started posting to Instagram more frequently.

Soon after that, Instagram became her main source of income.

Elizabeth is only 23 years old. Born on June 13, 1996, this Florida-based girl is just perfect. She is a baby-faced doll with sapphire blue eyes and plump lips.

It is more than obvious that this beautiful girl likes to try out new looks. And when it comes to girls and changing something with their looks – the hair always comes first.

Last year, Elizabeth was rocking her gorgeous blonde hair. This year, she decided to apply some changes to her look, and she is now a proud brunette.

Besides Instagram, Elizabeth has a YouTube channel too. Her content there is versatile – from fitness vlogs to fashion and workout clothes reviews – if you wander a bit around her content, you can find other Q&A videos and other catchy stuff.

She doesn’t post that often on YouTube anymore, but however, she has 310K subscribers there.

Her working out videos made her famous, and she doesn’t deny that she is a fitness junkie indeed.

There is not much info about her dating life and her previous relationships. However, she and her boyfriend Dominic Jeancola announced that they got engaged last year.

They shared a romantic Instagram picture of the proposal, and the followers shared their best wishes.

Sorry folks – it seems like Elizabeth is off the market.

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