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Michelle Has Arrived Right on Time

Beautiful Yoga enthusiast Michelle Lou Lan loves to wake up in the morning and take a walk on the beach.

She can regularly be seen striking sensual poses by the waterside donning bikinis that show off her perfect hourglass figure.

The Hawaiian-American beauty currently resides in Los Angeles, where she lives with her beloved brown labrador BoBo.

Together they have moved from New York to Hawaii to LA.

The loyal dog regularly shows up in her Instagram photos, where she expresses how grateful she is to have him as her life companion.

Things, however, recently changed since she gave birth to a baby girl in September 2022.

Her daughter is now her main focus, and she can not wait to start this new chapter of motherhood.

Michelle began a career in dance at an early age. When she turned eight, she was already an experienced ballerina dancer.

Later she became passionate about yoga.

After traveling the world to experience and study different yoga styles, she started MeshYoga.

Michelle is very agile and strong.

She is a dedicated yoga teacher who can strike incredible poses while she stretches.

Her style of yoga is a combination of her roots in dance and traditional yoga.

Her most important source of inspiration is nature since she loves to experience the outdoor scenery.

Her second favorite place is the coffee shop.


Enjoying a hot drink while feeling the smell of newly brewed coffee relaxes her.

Michelle has an eye for beauty and manages to capture stunning moments in everyday life.

She wishes to encourage everyone to take care of themselves by relaxing and taking time to rest to avoid burnout caused by stress.

The model had to teach herself to rest since she was always intense about work.

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