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Pleasure Train Rolls Right Along With Vicky

Vicky Pattison has no problem with the world seeing her flaws. She is comfortable in her own body, and her fans love her for it.

The social media influencer and television star, famous for her role in Masterchef, has over 5 million followers on Instagram. On the platform, she loves to show off her toned physique.

This time, she shared a photo that stood out in several ways.

She shared two photos through which she compared two versions of herself. In the first photo, she was wearing a brown bikini, which perfectly fit her tanned body.

She showed off her ample cleavage and busty chest. In this photo, she showed her fans how ripped she is.

The model also shared a picture of herself in a walk-in closet. She took the photo in front of a huge mirror with a funny expression.

In the photo, she had nude undies consisting of a bra with a low neckline. So, her toned arms were still on full display.

She had matching bottoms. In the post, she said, “Same girl, same body, same self-worth…”

The Instagram star pointed out that our bodies can change and look slightly different from one day to another.

She went on to say that these fluctuations do not mean that we are any less beautiful or any less deserving of love.

She went on to reveal that she was spray-tanned in the first picture and that she was breathing in to appear more toned in the photo.

In the second photo, she said she was wearing undies designed for comfort rather than fashion and seduction. “I’m just letting it all hang out!” she said.

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