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Emily is Just… WoW

Instagram model and social media influencer Emily Faye Miller keeps her fans guessing with her hot posts on social media. She is famous for appearing in the second season of Too Hot To Handle.

In her recent pictures, she was posing topless by the pool while soaking up the rays.

Although she was cryptic about her location, tagging her location as “Somewhere…” her outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was posing on a rooftop pool, and all she had on were bikini bottoms.

Her chest was partly covered by her hair. She seemed to have beautifully tanned skin.

In her post, she also wrote “The bad news is that nothing last forever. The good news is that nothing lasts forever.” She also thanked those who had taken her pictures and tagged them in her message.

Emily has lean legs and toned abs, which she put on full display while keeping her chest hidden with her long flowing hair.

The comments her fans shared demonstrated just how crazy her supporters are about her looks.

Nicole O’Brien, “C’est La Vie” singer, wrote saying, “Omg omg omg” before saying ” You are next level.”

Other fans described her as a”Goddess” and “UNREAL.”

Emily posts a lot of gorgeous photos. Fans have also never disappointed their gorgeous idol, as they are always eager to express their love and admiration for her.

The popular Instagram model has over 2 million Instagram followers, who sometimes leave her hundreds of thousands of likes on her posts soon after she posts them. Her fans can’t get enough of what she has to offer.

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