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Meet Felicia The New IG Sensation

Felicia Vox is a famous actress, model, actress, and social media influencer with many fans worldwide. Let’s have a look at her profile.

Date Of Birth
11 February 1992

Birth Place
South Korea

Why Is Felicia Vox Famous?
Felicia is famous for her career as an actress, which began in 2017. She is also popular as a cosplayer, with her content available on many social media platforms.

Who Is Felicia Vox Dating?
Felicia has talked about having a partner and is also described as bisexual.

Felicia Vox Social Media
On Instagram, Felicia likes to post about her modeling and her cosplaying. Her posts get about 600 to 900 likes per post.

The model has been on Twitter since 2019, and she has so far gotten over 103k followers. On the platform, she likes to post pictures about her modeling.

Felicia is also on OnlyFans, where she has already gotten more than 15k likes on her content. She is among the top 1.2% of content creators on the platform.

About Felicia Vox
After she completed high school, she attended college.

Felicia joined the adult industry in 2017 with her successful debut with Many Vids Studio. Her goal was to become a professional actress and model but succeeded as an adult star.

She makes money through modeling and photoshoots. She is also certified as a swim instructor and loves teaching kids how to swim.

Felicia is passionate about being a cosplayer, and she has won the Best Cosplayer award three times. She has been nominated for the title 10 times.

Felicia has Korean, Japanese, and Italian roots. She describes herself as half Korean and half Italian.

Felicia’s hobbies include modeling, swimming, and traveling.

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