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Steph Is Almost Too Good Too Be True

Steph Pacca is a fitness model, personal trainer, and social media influencer with a massive following on Instagram. Here are a few things you should know about the famous model and influencer.

Date Of Birth
9 April 1993

Birth Place
Perth, Australia

Why Is Steph Pacca Famous?
Steph is famous as a respected personal trainer. She has helped many people achieve fitness goals such as fat loss, body sculpting, and lean muscle definition.

Who Is Steph Pacca Dating?
She has been dating Cody Edwards since 2015.

Steph Pacca Dating History
Cody, Steph’s current boyfriend, is her only boyfriend known to the public.

Steph Pacca Social Media
On her Instagram, Steph likes to post pictures of herself in bikinis in various locations. Her posts can get up to 37k likes.

On Facebook, Steph Pacca has over 34k likes. She uses the social media platform to promote her career as a fitness model.

The social media star has also been on Twitter since 2015. She shares pictures of herself and workout tips on her page, which has over 800 followers.

About Steph Pacca
Even as a young girl, Steph was passionate about fitness. She became a competitive boxer representing her state before becoming a famous social media model and fitness trainer.

In college, she studied Exercise & Sports Science and Exercise Physiology. This helped advance her knowledge of fitness.

She had admitted that even before she studied courses related to exercise and sports, she was a “100% gym junkie.”

Today, she uses her immense knowledge about fitness and diet to help her clients attain essential health and fitness goals.

As a model, Steph has worked with Woman’s Best, a company specializing in sportswear and beauty products.

The fitness model is also an entrepreneur. She owns a company called The Skn, which specializes in tanning products.

Working out and writing books on nutrition and training. She is also passionate about modeling, fashion, and traveling.


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